It’s a Marxist world out there



I am doing my paper on Marxist Analysis and reading about Marxist approach to society, although Marxist based his theory and idea on society around the industrial revolution, I feel that a lot of his ideas are integrated in today’s society. We are very much influenced by media and the materials produced around us. I remember in lecture we talked about working for the material goods we have in our lives and we strive to obtain these objects to make us “happy” in a sense. I feel that it’s true in a sense. While I was doing my paper and flipping through the magazines that I purchased all I saw were hundreds of advertisements for clothes, make-up, shoes and bags and whole segments and also advertisements promoting Hollywood celebrities and also celebrities endorsing these products. People purchase these magazines because we feel that we can relate to these popular trends by buying and consuming the products being advertised. Again, as mentioned in my previous blog about commodity fetishism, we make certain commodities and items important to us and our society and we believe that it is normal, natural and true. We need to be more critical and observant of what is being fed to us as a society and also as individuals.  


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