Reality vs. Media Reality



The media and all forms of it can fool a lot of people. There are so many instances on the internet, blogs and even memes that portray the wrong information about someone, something or a situation. I feel that, if the source presents the information in a presentable manner and it looks like a professional and legit source (when in reality it isn’t), people will be more prone to fall for the information in that source even if the information is not really backed up with true fact. A lot of the media today depends on the visual appeal most of the time, if it looks nice, it attracts people to the story and what the piece is about. There are so many instances in the media, articles and reports that do not set out to tell the whole story but only the parts that they think will attract the readers or viewers. And again, depending on the source and how legitimate the source is, people do not really pay attention to the full story but instead stick with what is presented to them. In class someone said that they should be critical readers and thinkers and really think about what they’re reading or watching because today’s society is easily swayed on what is portrayed in the media. Another example of this is was shown in the video shown in class called “doubt” about the fake science that was published about cigarettes that shown that cigarettes didn’t have harm to humans. People believed these sources of media because huge companies and organizations supported these claims of cigarette smoke not being harmful. Huge companies and organizations have the power to sway the public because they have influence over populations of the information that gets put out there. 


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