Media’s Influence



This image is an interpretation of how influenced so many of us are by not just media through the TV but every aspect of media. Media influences us and has such a huge impact within our society that it influences the way we think and has the ability to change our viewpoints on an issue. One part that really stuck out to me and made me want to blog about media’s influence was the image of “Hundreds Missing in Colorado”. The image makes its viewers feel a sense or urgency in terms of helping these people get out of such a tragic situation but it still holds the image and perspective of the American population staying strong together through tough times like this, as one student said in lecture. The image also makes it’s viewers have an emotional response by feeling sorry for the people who have to undergo. A lot of images and even videos have the same effect in terms of influencing out emotional responses and thought processes. By getting an emotional response from its viewers, in a way it keeps us engaged and keeps us wanting to watch more of what that type of media has to offer. For example, the pictures in the news paper need to capture it’s audience or else no one is going to want to read the article or they might find it boring because the picture is boring. The media has to capture individual minds and hearts in order to gain attention and for it to gain mass popularity. Over all, media is something that influences everyone everyday of our lives. 


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