“I Shop, therefore I am”



This picture describes the very idea of commodity fetishism. It shows us that money and objects that have social powers within society have a huge driving force in what influences everyone as a whole. People within society need to have a special connection and relation between objects to feel like they have a sense of power within a society that is forever connected to money and commodities. We feel that these objects will relieve us and make us happy in the long run and in a way we feel that these objects have “special” elements by doing so, but in fact we, the people, place these objects on a pedestal and make these objects something that is very important to us. In essence, what we buy become who we really are. We think what we buy defines who we are and where we fit in but in fact we are just giving objects and commodities and large produces and economic structures powers to rule over society in a sense. We take these objects and commodities and create a relationship with them in order to form a social relationship with others. I feel that what people are able to buy and the amount of money they have place them within a type of “social order” in terms of consumer and producer way of life. People are so consumed in buying the “new”, “in” thing from huge, popular corporations which push them to attain social powers over society.

One great example that we talked about in lecture was the new iphone 5 coming out. I feel that the new iphone 5 have very similar characteristics as the iphone 4 but apple added and changed minor, unnecessary aspects of the phone and people are feeding into a sense of hype because apple is what’s “in” in today’s society. Apple is very much advertised in movies, TV shows and media which basically places apple as a valuable commodity within today’s society. This means, that getting this new apple product, will help us as individuals feel like we have a sense of power or feel a sense of relief by buying these new, upcoming products, when in fact we are just giving Apple, and other powerful companies, more social powers.


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