Lecture 1 Media Studies

Media studies is something that is very new to me, although I am in my 5th year at university. I have never thought of taking a media’s class until another student recommended it to me as it is something that is totally new and a good experience, especially ending off my stay here at UTSC. During the first lecture I have learned that media is not only related to TV programs, news updates, magazines, newspapers and what others might think of as “promotional” aspects to our world. Most people think of media as something that relates to advertisements, the tv, the news, celebrity posts and mostly aspects in the entertainment field. Defining media in the first lecture has really opened my eyes to a broader definition of media. Media can be defined in terms of objects, languages, sounds, places and mainly everything around us. Media can be tied to particular sounds like the old school bell our professor rang in class. He said that media can be tied to the bell because globally, whenever people hear a school bell there is an automatic response to it, whether it means to start running to class or indicating your late for example. I have never thought of media in a broader sense until our prof connected it to objects and other things aside from TV or advertisement media. 


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